Tuesday, week one

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So last night I was making heating dinner. When I went in the kitchen there was a crab by the sink. When we tried to catch him, he scuttled under the dishwasher. Later, when scooping out ice cream (coconut cream) for dessert he reappeared and was caught. Tom released him back to the sea.


When we used to stay at Coral Point, we would regularly have larger crabs climbing the wall. We would just sweep them off with a broom and out the door.

That place, just up the coast, was so cool - literally. Most of the front and back walls were huge doors that could - and were - open all day so we had all kinds of wildlife crawling and flying through. It made such a nice breeze, though.

image That was the first place we ever stayed in Barbados. It was next door to Sam Lord's Castle and we had privileges there. We rented bikes that year. Big mistake. It's nice flat land and would have been great if it were about 20 degrees cooler.

This is kinda silly but I discovered a lip balm, chapstick-y product in Sam Lord's sundries store that I haven't found anywhere at home. I am able to still order it online and I usually get about 10 at a time. It's all I use now - it has SPF, a bit of color and feels wonderful.

Sam Lord's is closed now but has been bought by another hotel company and should reopen...sometime.

Sam Lord was a pirate way back but not the kind that went to sea. He stayed at home, in his castle, and put lights on the coconut trees so ships would think that it was Bridgetown They came close, crashed on the cliffs and Sam added to his treasure.

Today is going to be kind of slow for me. A little email, a little blogging, some Cushing's bios and stuff. Tom has a teleconference at noon so if we go out anywhere, it will be later.

It's ok, though - I can nap and read or float around. Some of my favorite things!

I don't know what possessed me but I signed up for that helicopter tomorrow. Me, who is afraid to fly. But last summer in Alaska, while I was in the restroom, Tom signed us up for a flight plane and it was kind of cool. I was very surprised and shocked when one just like it crashed a few weeks later.

It was fun though and I figure if I can do that, how hard can a helicopter be, anyway? We see it go around the island most every day while we're here so this year we'll be on it!

I was just reading an article about singer Rihanna in the Ins and Outs of Barbados magazine. In it it says "...few could have missed the blue and yellow paraphernalia that adorned photos captured in magazines across the Caribbean, North America and Europe..."

image Rihanna chose those colors because they're the colors of the flag of Barbados. I'm wondering if I chose those colors for the Cushing's website in 2000 because I was subconsciously thinking of Barbados, too. I'll probably never know but it's an interesting thought.


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