We're here!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our cab yesterday was for 5:30 so it was a very early start. Everything went smoothly, though. Not a long layover in Charlotte, either, which was good. I got a small nap on the second plane and I was surprised when we started the descent nearly an hour before our published time of arrival.

Customs and Immigration were faster than normal, too, but the rental car was slower. We had a reservation for a couple of months. Until this year, someone with a placard with our name would meet us right outside. We'd give him the credit card, get our car and go.

Now, in an effort to "modernize" I guess, they have an indoor office like they do at other airports and you have to wait in line with others including those who have no reservation at all. Oh well - "no problem, man".

In the Crane lobby we got to give Theresa a big hug and talk a little to Paul. If I were him, I'd avoid check-in days like the plague.

After we got here and unpacked a little we went grocery shopping at Emerald City. That's so much closer than when we had to go to the JulieN. I got my beloved salt bread (it was commercial, though. It was too later for homemade. Drat!) and a bit of rum punch. I'm so glad to see that Tutti Fruitti milk is still here. I have always loved it but 2 years ago they didn't have it anymore. There were even articles in the newspaper about not having it. That and vanilla milk are 2 long time favorites here.

Tom realized he didn't bring a network cable so he can't go online with his laptop in the room. I didn't bring one because I don't need one. So, I imagine we'll be on a mission to buy one of those here. I imagine when we go to SuperCenter in Warrens later today they'll have one.

He went over to the lobby to check his mail and I fell asleep by the pool. I was exhausted. We had a very easy, fast dinner and I was heading to bed by about 9PM. I went out to say goodnight to Tom and he had fallen asleep while channel surfing LOL

I didn't wake up until around 8AM. Tom was already reading, of course, and had made coffee (YEA!). I debated going back to sleep but got up anyway. Tom's at his regular Sunday morning meeting in Six Roads. I'm sure the woman with the coconut bread will be there and Tom will come home with a loaf. Tradition!

After that, off to SuperCenter for stuff we forgot yesterday and that cable. They're the only store open on Sundays here. Then maybe, finally (finally? we're only been here less than 24 hours LOL) we'll go in the pool. Or I could go now...


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